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Thank you for your interest in joining the staff of Belvoir Terrace.

Belvoir’s staff is composed of professional teachers, college and graduate students. Staff are selected for their teaching experience, enthusiasm and interest in working with young people, and their commitment to the Belvoir program. Belvoir is an exciting all arts and sports community, supportive of staff development, with many staff returning to Belvoir from five to twenty years.

Staff at Belvoir teach in their area of expertise. Most music and sports staff are also counselors, teaching approximately 15  hours/week, while spending time with their bunk group, as mentor and positive role model. The art, dance, and theater staff teach approximately twenty-one hours/week and assist as cover counselors. All staff interact with the campers in the dining room and throughout the camp day. Staff at Belvoir have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the Belvoir campers.

There are many exciting reasons to work at Belvoir Terrace. The campers, a diverse group of young women from locations around the world, are motivated and excited about their individual schedules. Both campers and staff are at camp for the one 6 week session. Staff  have the opportunity to learn from their peers by interacting within their departments or by taking classes with the campers in other arts and sports. The administration is skillful and supportive. Staff schedules are designed for each individual so that programs are comfortable and challenging. Returning staff supervise the teaching areas and living units. Belvoir is within walking distance of downtown Lenox, a cultural summer resort town. The Belvoir food is also wonderful.

Prospective staff excited about learning and teaching in the arts or sports will find Belvoir a supportive and exciting summer community. Belvoir nurtures campers and staff in a safe and supportive environment. We look forward to hearing from you.