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summer art camp

MFA professional artists offer elective small class instruction in drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, black and white photography, digital photography, crafts/sewing,  and silver jewelry.


Art majors can elect four or more art classes daily, 6 days a week or non majors may explore one or more studio classes.


Additional programming includes studio hours, art trips, exhibits and guest artists.

What is The Belvoir Difference?

Professional MFA artists teach in fully equipped studios. Drawing, painting, printmaking, watercolor, ceramics, sculpture, black and white photography, digital photography, crafts/sewing, and jewelry are offered by the art department in small classes organized by age and skill.  Facilities include two gas-fired kilns, ceramics wheels, etching press, complete dark room with eight stations, digital photo studio, equipment for sewing, and silver work. Students enjoy working with charcoal, oil paints, watercolor, clay, stone, wood, silver, photoshop, and more. In addition to class time, campers have an opportunity to participate in open studio hours, gallery trips, art exhibitions, and talks with professional art guests. Campers focused on other Belvoir programs, such as theater, dance, or music,  also enjoy wonderful art classes in any of the art studios.

Art Camp for Girls - Belvoir Terrace Painting
Art Camp for Girls - Belvoir Terrace Painting
Art Camp for Girls - Printmaking
Art Camp for Girls - Belvoir Terrace Digital Editing
Summer Art Camp - Belvoir Terrace Ceramics
Art Camp NE - Belvoir Terrace 2019 - black and white photo

Art at Belvoir

Belvoir’s exciting and outstanding visual arts program offers a combination of professional teaching, small classes, and fun while exploring all the different art forms. Imagine taking classes in charcoal drawing, oil painting, ceramics, jewelry, digital photography, and more!

Mask Making Crafts with Nora

How to make a mask during the Corona Virus, with Nora “Crafts” Menken. Today we are going to make personal masks. These are not medical-grade masks intended for medical professionals. These are personal masks that are for your everyday use. Nora is going to be showing how to make a mask using a sewing machine, and how to make a mask by hand.