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Belvoir Ballet

5 or 6 weeks Summer Ballet Intensive Program
in Lenox, MA
Dena Abergel, Artistic Director

Belvoir Ballet: The Program
We are excited to announce that Dena Abergel will continue as Artistic Director of Belvoir Ballet. Currently featured in the Disney Plus series On Pointe, Ms. Abergel danced with New York City Ballet for 18 years before bringing her passion and artistry to teaching. As New York City Ballet’s Children’s Repertory Director, Ms. Abergel trains students from the School of American Ballet to perform in all NYCB performances that involve children: George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Coppélia, A Midsummer Night’s Dream among others. She is also on the faculty of the School of American Ballet and has taught for ballet schools across the country and internationally.
Belvoir Ballet continues as an unparalleled training program with classes taught by Dena Abergel and her colleagues. As a Belvoir Ballet student, you will experience a program focused on advancing your ballet technique, strength, and creativity. Join Belvoir’s supportive community, improve your skills, build confidence as a dancer through our comprehensive dance curriculum and unparalleled dance faculty in our fantastic facilities. Classes include: ballet technique, pointe, character, variations/choreography, stretch/conditioning, lyrical, hip-hop, and musical theater dance.

Additional Professionally Taught Optional Classes Include: Acting, Musical Theater, Private Music Lessons, Visual Arts Classes, Tennis, and Swimming in the Heated Pool.

Performance Opportunities
Belvoir Ballet offers a 5 or 6-week option, both of which include a dance performance opportunity. 4-week options are available.

Audition Video Clip required for acceptance and placement

Zoom Interview with Director

Belvoir Alumnae Professional Dancers

“My time at Belvoir was a pivotal moment in my life because it was at Belvoir that I conquered many of my fears, furthered my dance training, explored activities that exercised my other talents, created life-long relationships, and learned the importance of teamwork. While at Belvoir, I was able to continue my extensive training in ballet, pointe, and modern and further my versatility by taking jazz. It was such an honor to have the opportunity to work with individuals who were some of the best in the industry.
Aside from dance, I also received swimming lessons, vocal training, and piano lessons – all of which I’ve found to be crucial in my development as a professional dancer. Prior to Belvoir, I was afraid to swim, specifically in the deep end. I didn’t know anything about the proper stroke forms or how to breathe underwater. With a great deal of patience, discipline, and time from my swim instructors, I was able to conquer my fear of swimming by the end of my first summer! I even competed in the all-wide camp swim race the following summer and won two first-place awards. It was something so small but it meant so much. In overcoming this fear, I showed myself that anything is possible if I put my mind to it. In swimming, I also found a great cross-training activity that helps me with my dance training as a professional.
Now as a professional dancer, with years of company experience under my belt, I look back on my Belvoir experience and feel grateful for the opportunities it provided to me. Not only did I gain life skills and dance training, that have made me who I am today, but I was also given the opportunity to find my individuality and the opportunity to appreciate the young lady I was starting to become.”
– Raven Barkley
Dancer Charlotte Ballet


“My summers at Belvoir were pure magic. The energy and feeling I remember from the moment I stepped onto the gorgeous campgrounds are ones I will always cherish. The summers are filled with special bonds and joyful learning. It was the first time I learned about all forms of art and expression and was able to push myself outside of my dancer’s comfort zone with musical theater and singing. The environment, from the campers to the teachers, counselors, and directors, is supportive and positive and I grew as a dancer, artist, and human in ways I never dreamed of!”
– Jeanette Delgado
Dancer and Freelance Artist, former principal dancer Miami City Ballet 

“I treasure my summers at Belvoir deeply in my heart. I was able to continue growing in my ballet training while opening up to learning other styles of dance, such as modern and jazz, as well as learning how to sing and participate in the musical theatre program. Performing in all those different styles at the end of the 8 weeks was also incredibly empowering. I was also able to adventure beyond, like learning to play tennis and creating my own jewelry.
All this was experienced embraced by nature in the beautiful Berkshires surrounded by the most nurturing and positive staff and shared with what have now become lifelong friends. Belvoir is a magical experience. The artistic seeds that were sowed those summers at such an impressionable age continue to fuel me today.”
– Patricia Delgado
Freelance Artist/Producer/Dance Faculty at The Juilliard School, former soloist Miami City Ballet


“Belvoir played a significant role in my growth as both a dancer and an individual. Every Belvoir summer not only provided me with great dance instruction but also allowed me to form wonderful friendships with fellow campers. Each year I would get to take all sorts of classes and be introduced to new styles of dance. Not only were the opportunities endless, but the teachers at Belvoir are one of a kind. Looking back I am amazed at the amount of experience that every instructor had! In addition to the wealth of information from teachers, we would also get to see world-class performances at Jacob’s Pillow and Tanglewood, to name a few. These shows, along with the numerous events held every week at Belvoir, made the Belvoir experience an unforgettable one! I will always be grateful for the summers I spent at Belvoir.”
-Lieneke Matte
dancer Verbe Ballets


“Belvoir terrace was my sanctuary as a child. I was able to explore my creative side in a thoughtful, supportive, and nurturing environment. Not only was I able to hone my craft of ballet, leading me to a successful professional career, but I was also able to explore musical theater, jewelry making, sculpture, and created life-long friends. Returning to Belvoir as a staff member has been incredibly rewarding. The campers are committed and excited to be at Belvoir year after year. Students work hard, play hard, and create meaningful experiences that lead them towards future possibilities.”
– Jennifer Polyocan
Adjunct Professor Univ. of San Francisco, former principal dancer Alabama Ballet, soloist/principal roles Washington Ballet, dancer Miami City Ballet